Calling all Book Keepers

Do your clients dislike the year end process?

Do they feel they pay too much for it when you have done all the work?

Does your client rely on you more than the year end accountant?

Have your clients ever asked you to do the year end but you don’t have the relevant software or knowledge?

If the answer to any of the above is yes then read on.

My goal is to work very closely with you as bookkeeper where your clients relationship is with you rather than their accountant.

I want to work closely with you to tailor the year end service to what the client needs. Making year end compliance painless and cost effective to the client by working with the bookkeeper and only provide what they need at a price they are happy with.

Between us we can tailor the offering from the minimum compliance requirements to interpreting management information, tax planning and finance director role if that is what is required.

I will make sure your involvement is recognised and that you are adequately rewarded for making the year end more efficient.

If any of this is of interest please contact me and we can discuss ideas in more detail.